January 5, 2007

Better get Pettite a King size in that suite..

All 6'10" of Randy Johnson are flying west to the desert. Now the acne-scarred, flat-assed southpaw will be setting records and possibly reaching 300 wins in a different set of pinstripes, purple and black.

When Randy Johnson became a Yankee, I believe i was against it. It violates the rule: DON'T SIGN PEOPLE THAT BEAT YOU! It's a personal rule, but I think it matters, and I live by it. Except I don't have a Baseball team, or even a payroll to play with, but if I did, you can bet your bippy I would never sign anyone that beat me in a big spot, and gave up a home run to Marcus Thames, in his first major league at bat.

Bon Voyage Big Unit. Hello Kei Igawa!

Also interesting to note, the Yankees grabbed Alberto Gonzalez, a minor league shortstop. I hope he knows how to charge a bunt....


Mer said...

One of my resolutions is to learn more about sports so thanks for writing this blog. I suggest creating a sub-blog come March Madness. Just a thought, not a sermon.

Raja said...

Well said.