January 8, 2007

Mooooove over Jeter, Poppa's got a brand new bag

Miguel Cairo (pictured here toothless) in a monumental, pre-season altering signing, has been resigned to the Yankees for a whopping 750,000.
"The deal will reportedly be worth $750,000 and has not been
officially announced
by the team."

Of course it hasn't been announced. You keep this sort of thing quiet. Obviously Cashman is just trying to play his hand out and keep the Red Sox clueless as to who the Yankees will get as a backup infielder. "Thats right Epstein, keep guessing, we still might trade for Orlando Cabrera to be our backup. You never know."
Personally I like Cairo. He peppered the monster many times in good post-season spots. Also, he played for the Mets for one year apparently because his agent didn't tell him about the Yankees offer for 2006. As a result of his stint with the Mets, Cairo has now batted for more teams than David Bowie.

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